About Us

Welcome to Robotto

We are a young tech startup with the vision of shaping the autonomous future!

Who Are We

A group of engineers from the Robotics bachelor at Aalborg University. That sprung as entrepreneurs by developing a new autonomous tool for wildfire data gathering.

Our Mission

To develop autonomous systems, no matter the field or scale, creating a easier more sustainable world through the integration of robotics.

What We Do

Our first product focuses on monitoring and data gathering of wildfires with quadcopters for a faster and more accurate method of assessment.

Our Story

We started with our Autonomous Wildfire Recognition & Analytics Drone as our thesis project at the end of our Robotics bachelor. Early we knew this product could be applied into the real world and help many countries where wildfires are a critical issue. As the project progressed, our end product came to the attention of many that would be willing to help and invest, to ensure that it would see to market. This is why we decided to pursue building a startup where we could create solutions to help the world and the current problems that humanity as well as wildlife is facing due to climate change.

Next Step

For six months following August 2019 Robotto will be joining the Innovative Growth program, funded by Innovations Fonden. An entrepreneurship course to help build the foundations of our business. It will help us solidify our idea and build our business model and develop our product.

Innovativ Vaeskt Goals

Why Choose Us?

We are pushing for the use of autonomous algorithms to build robotic systems that perform faster processing, with more accurate results, in an out-of-the-box manner.

We are building an increasingly growing databases to train our AI models. This allows for better results making this our core focus and strength.

Our products are built to fulfill the needs of our customers. Using them as a pivotal reference to set the requirements of each solution.

The scientific background of our first product has led us to the publication of a scientific paper in the “Lecture Notes in Computer Science” (LNCS) series by Springer. Additionally, it was presented in the ICVS conference which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece in September of 2019. 

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