Shaping the Autonomous Future

Autonomous Drone Platform

Transforming the way you make descisions in wildfire situations!



Autonomous Navigation


Out-of-the-Box solution, that solely relies on an area of interest input from the user, the drone will take it from there.


Data is processed on the drone, limiting bandwidth requirement and lag in data acquisition


Accurately calculating the location, size and direction of the wildfire.


The system is visualizing data of the wildfire directly into the user controlled GUI, and to any expert around the world.

Onboard Processing

Wildfire Calculation

Real-Time Streaming


Our vision in Robotto is clear! We want to make the world more sustainable through robotics. With AWRA, we want to prove to the world that the technology is at a level where we can make a real impact. The increasing numbers and severity of wildfires is a deadly symptom of global warming, and one we can help diminish!

“Robotto is developing an autonomous drone in collaboration with the Danish Emergency Management Agency which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to provide a faster and more accurate way to measure fires.”

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