Out of the box system for monitoring and gathering of data of wildfires. Information regarding size, location, direction of the fire.

Uprising Wildfires

Each year wildfires become a larger problem due to climate change, making it crucial to find a more efficient way of fighting them.


We present to you our first product, consisting of a robotic system for autonomous data gathering of wildfires. It will provide firefighters with an eye in the sky that allows for fast processing of imagery and telemetry data. Finally outputting the fire’s size, location, direction and intensity to the palm of their hand.

Autonomous Navigation

One of the three pillars of the product. An algorithm was developed that allows the quadcopter to navigate autonomously. It does so inside an area delimited by the user following a snake pattern.

Fire Detection/Classifier

The second pillar of this product. This algorithm allows for detection of fire from the quacopters' footage. It then uses and AI model to classify fire objects from non-fire ones.

Fire Size & Location

The third and last pillar of the product. It utilizes the on-board sensors to calculate the size and extension of the fire. In addition, it utilizes the GPS position to pinpoint the coordinates of the fire.

System Integration​

The integration of the three previous is vital for the functionality of the product. This is done by including a tablet with a custom UI where the user indicates the desired area for recognition and later receives the processed information.

SDGs 2030

The increase in wildfires as a direct consequence of climate change is a critical problem. This product fulfills SDGs aimed to help with these sustainability problems. Including preservation of the environment, decrease of death rate and increase of resilience.

Strong Database

The core focus of this product relies on having a custom made, ever-growing database that is its unique value proposition. This will allow for more accurate and better results with the increasing use of the product.

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